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automount: can't stat exported dir

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automount: can't stat exported dir

since few weeks I moved my file server from an HP-UX box to a RHEL5 one. All is quite fine but there is a strange nfs/automount behaviour when a HP-UX client mounts a user home. Note that from the client side there are no log or problem for the user:
in the server message stays:
mountd[3496]: can't stat exported dir /FileServer/HOME_HPUX/b: No such file or directory
mountd[3496]: authenticated mount request from xx.yy.zz.ww:681 for /FileServer/HOME_HPUX/b (/FileServer/HOME_HPUX)

this several times; the "basename" of the path match the initial user name in this case "b" when the complete user is brancalu

this happen on different client for different user.
It seems that the automount of the client "tell" to the nfs server a partial dir name.

the client auto_home map is:
* server:/FileServer/HOME_HPUX/&

some idea?

thank you
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Re: automount: can't stat exported dir

try enabling debug on the autofs client and see if there are more information logged.Linux autofs client config file is /etc/sysconfig/auto(-d for debug). In your case HP-UX is client.So the config file may be under /etc/rc.config.d