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Beginner of hp-ux

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Beginner of hp-ux

Hi to all,
I'm just a beginner of hp-ux..what is the concept behind the 3m,3mb,3mn,3mnb?
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Re: Beginner of hp-ux


look at the output:

man 7 mt
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Re: Beginner of hp-ux

Hi Renz,

n stands for a no-rewind bit set on the tape drive. b stands for Berkley style and without a b stands for AT&T style wherein the behaviour of no rewind is different for AT&T and berkley. The former with a no rewind bit set goes to the EOF and the latter is not repositioned at all.

BEST stands for the best compression feature. These are DSF specific access options on tape drives and on a v3 operating system can be seen with the command lssf. Earlier, the 9 bits of the minor number denoted access methods as mentioned above.

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Re: Beginner of hp-ux


This list shows the device names for a tape device.

The word "BEST" indicates that with this device file, the highest possible capacity format will be used. This will also include data compression if it is supported by the device.

The "b" character shows that the tape drive will follow the Berkley style instead of AT&T.

The character "n" shows that the tape will not be rewound at the end of the operation.

You are into right pool to become beginner to expert.


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Re: Beginner of hp-ux


mt = control magnetic type drive operation

try : #man -k mt

look at this tips to see when we check it :

it seem that contain information about your tape storage

Good luck,

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Re: Beginner of hp-ux

Thanks Gurus..I encountered problem in making a tape recovery..
I use this command

# make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/3mn

and an error occur..

ERROR: The list_expander command failed. This could be due to a problem with
parsing /etc/fstab or /etc/mnttab file - see messages above.

How can I solve this problem?pls help..ty
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Re: Beginner of hp-ux

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Bill Hassell, sysadmin