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Buy RHELAP via HP, how get the subscription linked?

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Buy RHELAP via HP, how get the subscription linked?

This is our first enterprise (aka paid for and supported) linux that is going into our DC.

I ordered a bunch of:


with my blades and subsequently I set up a corporate account on redhats website.

It looks like I need "subscription numbers" per this site to link the stuff I bought via HP to my newly created redhat account:

I've asked sales, but you guys probably already know... if you buy redhat via HP, how the heck do you get redhat to know about it or link up to your redhat account?

thanks ahead of time.
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Re: Buy RHELAP via HP, how get the subscription linked?

I stopped buying the licenses from HP because it was such a pain to get them added to my rhn account. Anyway, you need an rhn account first. Then I would call redhat and find out who your sales person is for your area. Give them the info and they can get the steps done to add the licensing to your account. Then when you install RHELx you can just use your rhn login to link it to your account for updates, etc. In the future I would suggest buying straight from Red Hat. It saves a lot of time.
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