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can't rebuild the kernel

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can't rebuild the kernel

When I try to rebuild the kernel I got this error msg:

NOTE: Building a new kernel based on template file "/stand/system"
> Compiling /stand/build/conf.c...
> Loading the kernel...
> ld: Unsatisfied symbol "mlock_valid_args" in file
> /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[vm_clic.o]
> 1 errors.
> *** Error exit code 1

I think this might caused by partial or failed patch install. How I resolve this?

many thanks,
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Re: can't rebuild the kernel

Why do you think it may be caused by a failed patch install? Did you recently install any kernel patches that failed or had to be aborted?

If patches were installed, did you get the dependencies for them instaled too?

One other thing is to the patches are configured.

# swlist -l fileset -a state |more
(all should say "configured")

To configure unconfigured filesets
# swconfig \*
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Re: can't rebuild the kernel

First, make sure you make a good copy of vmunix and system files, just in case you need to reboot from them.
Next, do the 'swconfig' that Denver suggested and retry building a new kernel. If you get that error again, call HP for support. If you have Ignite-UX loaded on your box you may want to run 'check_patches' it creates a report at /tmp/ that you can send them. It is possible you have overwritten object files causing a problem when trying to create new kernel. It happened to me once, and this was how they figured out which patches got overwritten and I just had to reinstall them in one big depot....and finally my kernel got 'built'
Just one possibility....
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Re: can't rebuild the kernel


I checked where this mlock_valid_args is defined. It is part of vm_clic.o which is integrated in /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a.

You can figure out which patch is responsible for it by doing the following steps:

mkdir /tmp/test
cp /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a /tmp/test
ar -x /tmp/test/libhp-ux.a
what vm_clic.o

You will probably find a patch number there.

The newest patch patching this is PHKL_22549.

Please check if you have reinstalled the patch PHKL_18543.
You can check for the date by using the following command:

swlist -l fileset -a patch_state -a date

and check for applied patches there.

If you happen to have reinstalled patch PHKL_18543 then go ahead and reinstall PHKL_22549 or if you have an older version of that patch download this one from the ITRC and install it. In any case I would recommend to install PHKL_22549

Hope that helps,

Steffi Jones