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Re: centos can't boot

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centos can't boot

i have centos with hp server running database connected with ntp server. when we try to boot centos its getting hang just after start OS booting before start any service. just after line
"press I for interactive boot" server got hang

please advise.

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Re: centos can't boot

Any changes to the system recently or indications of problems leading up to this issue?
Details ?
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Re: centos can't boot

HP ML 350 G5 server.No more change from hardware.
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Re: centos can't boot

If your still stuck, perhaps you could boot from Centos cd in rescue mode mount the system disk and try determine where "normal" execution fails.

have a look at files in your_sysdisk_mount_point/var/log/*

fish around and see if you can find out some-more, also have a look at time stamp on file to see what file have been modified by boot this may give you a hint on how far you got without problem.

you could also do the following.

Example: (just that an example !! of something you could try... use your own jugement )

cat /etc/inittab (find out in what runlevel you normaly boot in like `id:5:initdefault:` 5 in this case)

If you stop just after interactive boot then chance are this could be a corruption in the /etc/rc5.d/S01?????? something file make a copy of this file somewhere safe then edit the original and put an echo "got this far" save the file.

do a normal Reboot from disk and see if the message from S01????? get's echo after press y for interactive boot ...

if it does echo you know you have enter S01????? file but get stuck somewhere below in the file try putting it further below, and see if you get that far after reboot ... and so on until you nail "the problem"

Hoping this get you rolling ! keep us inform of progress
enjoy, life.

Jean-Pierre Huc
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