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check if a vmtrace is running

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check if a vmtrace is running



we had to start a vmtrace (was recommendet by support)

now i got to the point that i dont remember if a server was restartet (cant do that now) but wouild like to know if tracing is still active!


how can i find out if so?



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Re: check if a vmtrace is running



ps -ef |grep vmtrace

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Re: check if a vmtrace is running

> ps -ef |grep vmtrace



no when vmtrace have been started, it is not there anymore.

Anyway, vmtrace should be used on support query only, be sure to be up to date with vm patch because there is a risk of panic. So you should ask that question  to your support contact who asked for vmtrace.


2 way to check:

1) rerun vmtrace, if it is already running it won't succeed in starting it

2) echo vmtrace_mode/X | adb -o /stand/vmunix /dev/kmem

echo vmtrace_enabled/X | adb -o /stand/vmunix /dev/kmem

if  the 2 are  0 means it is not started and have not been configured

else it is started, and only reboot can permit to change vmtrace configuration.