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CIFS error

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CIFS error


I have mounted a shared folder from windows server on my hpux (11.23) with CIFS. this was mounted and showing in bdf. Now it is not showing in bdf and bdf is hanged. below error noticed in syslog file-
Aug 30 20:15:37 rumsla25 vmunix: NFS getattr failed for server z2t3RUMSPLS01: RPC: Timed out

below is the status of cifsclient command-
root:/root # cifsclient status
path: /opt/cifsclient/sbin/cifsclientd
version: FILESET HP CIFS CLIENT: Version: A.01.09.02
cksum: 1364716312
status: The CIFS Client is up; process id 9230, started 09:13:55.
mntck: The following system mount-table entries of FStype 'cifs' were not
recognized by the CIFS Client and are apparently stale:

localhost:\Z2T3RUMSPLS01\ORACLE_BACKUP$ on /oraclebkp

It is recommended that stale CIFS mounts be cleaned up at
a time when the CIFS Client is down. Use 'cifsclient' with
the 'force_umount' command to remove stale CIFS mounts.
Enter 'cifsclient -h' for additional infromation.
root:/root #
I have tried to unmount it forcefully after downing cifs client daemon but could not get sucess.

Please help