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I am new to HP-UX, so bear with me! I am receiving this error message on my servers: " Sep 6 01:59:34 cimserver[17169]: PGS13606: A failure was detected in provider module HPUXStorageProviderModule. The generation of indications by providers in this module may be
affected. To ensure these providers are serving active subscriptions, disable and then re-enable this module using the cimprovider
command." I found info with this error message for 11.23, but I am running 11.31 IA64, HP1131.
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Re: cimserver


cimserver works on all supported levels of HP-UX. You need to install the latest version and configure it to communicate with a Windows based sms server, so your system can phone home to HP.

This message has to due with a potential storage fault.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: cimserver

Thanks! Since we are not running the Cim Server, I am confused as to why we receive an error message. I am investigating startups, etc., in case something is checking for it, thus giving the error.
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Re: cimserver

On 11v3 hardware diagnostics are WBEM based, in prior releases hardware diagnostics were driven by EMS and STM software. WBEM has a lot of dependency products & processes, CIM being one of them. Unfortunately I find 11v3 hardware monitoring much buggier than previous versions that relied on EMS.

I just had to upgrade various components on two 11v3 machines to fix different cim related problems. (One of which was several hundred stm processes) Here is what I had to do:
cimprovider -ls (to list)
cimprovider -dm (module name) to disable storage provider module
Go to and download the diagprod collections bundle. (This bundle contains many of the software interdependencies) Also download the latest WBEM services version and SysMgmtBase software products. I have itanium servers so I also had to download PHCO_40289. (Which is a prerequisite for SysFaultMgmt)

Right before doing the work I did a cimserver -s (to stop the cimserver)
I swcopied all of the products in a depot directory with -x enforce_dependencies=false and then did a swinstall -x reinstall=true of the depot directory. Doing an install does not require a reboot so I was able to fix the cim process bug on one of my production servers. After swinstall I did swverify's of SysFault Mgmt, online diag, and WBEMSvcs

I then did an osinfo and sfmconfig -t -a (to test) cimrprovider -ls and re-enabled the storage provider module

The cim processes are related to WBEMSvcs however because of the associated components you have to make sure all components are up to date.