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Configure 2 node cluster for VM of Hyper-V

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Configure 2 node cluster for VM of Hyper-V

Hi We have a requirement of configuring 2 Node cluster VM  of Hyper-V .

We have to give virtual ip's to every filesystem say 10 IP's in one node and 10 in second node.

in such VM's what can be used as fencing ?  ILO cannot be used since its VM .

fence_scsi requires 3 nodes minimum.

We are **bleep** confused , we need to show our customer if one node is rebooted , resources failover to second node immediately. At this time they are not moving to other node. Fencing failed .

fence Qdisk : dev 0.0 agent fence_scsi error from agent

Linux 6.5 on both nodes

Packages ricci, luci, cman, clvmd.

Output of clustat is 

Qdisk1 online , rgmanager

Qdisk2 online,local,rgmanager

Service Name            Owner   State

Test                         Qdisk1   started

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Re: Configure 2 node cluster for VM of Hyper-V

Got below reply from HP.


Red Hat does not support the RHEL High Availability or Resilient Storage Add Ons on the Hyper-V platform.