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Copy printers from Production to DR

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Copy printers from Production to DR

Ok, I have a scenario where i need to copy the printers from a Prod site to a DR site.

This quite simple but, I have a few requirements.

We cannot stop the spooler on the production side (source).

Also, we do not want to copy the contents of the spooler, just the printer definitions themselves.

This is on hp-ux 11.31.

Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Copy printers from Production to DR

From SAM:

Printers and Plotters -> Spooler Configuration - > Save Spooler Configuration

From shell:
tar cvf /tmp/spooler.tar /var/sam/lp

Copy tarball to DR machine, extract, and then Restore Spooler Configuration in SAM.