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cpio/rsync filling up target

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cpio/rsync filling up target

ok, I have two NAS directories :


File System                                                          Gbytes            Used               Avail               %Used            Mounted on

servernas02:/PRDCluster_vault29              270                 246                 24                   91%               /PRD_vault29

servernas02:/QACluster_vault28                288                 288                    0                   100%            /vault28

servernas02:/PRDCluster_vault28              270                 215                  55                   80%             /PRD_vault28

servernas01:/QACluster_vault29                 288                 288                    0                   100%          /vault29


Trying to use rsync and cpio to copy the   /PRD_vault29 to /vault29.  The PRD vault is 270 GB in total and using 246GB.

/Vault29 is a total of 288GB but it is filling up.  There are no logs that I can see that are causing it to fill up.


Same with the vault28 stuff.


Can comeone please explain to me why?


The commands I am using are (from the PRD Mounts of course)

nohup find . | cpio -pdumv /vault28/ &
nohup find . | cpio -pdumv /vault29/ &




Thanks in advance.

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Re: cpio/rsync filling up target

It could be lots of sparse files.  When you use dumb tools, they expand the holes and takes up more space.

gtar should be smart enough:

--sparse     handle sparse files efficiently


Except for fbackup/frecover, the rest of the standard HP-UX tools are probably dumb.