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cron issue...

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cron issue...

We have a script that runs several times a day via cron that collects sar information, processes it and ships the information off to another database server for historical reference...

Issue is, every time it runs it puts out a message in cron log:

May 16 19:56:01 cvoicch2 crond[19513]: (CRON) chdir(HOME) failed: (No such file or directory)
May 16 19:56:01 cvoicch2 crond[19515]: (adm) CMD (/opt/CVGcpu/bin/

[root@cvoicch2 ~]# ps -ef |grep 19513
adm 19513 5286 0 19:56 ? 00:00:00 crond
adm 19515 19513 0 19:56 ? 00:00:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/CVGcpu/bin/
root 19595 19210 0 19:56 pts/2 00:00:00 grep 19513
[root@cvoicch2 ~]#

I've looked at the Collector script and there is no place in the script that tries to change directories....

Does anyone have an idea how to determine what is putting out this issue ??
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Re: cron issue...

I found the issue right after I submitted... the home directory for adm user that's running the script didn't have the home directory defined on the server..