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Disable all USB ports in HPUX 11.23

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Disable all USB ports in HPUX 11.23

Hi all,


I am a new one  in hp community.


I want to disable all usb ports in hpux 11.23.Is it affect USB keyboard???


Help me 





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Re: Disable all USB ports in HPUX 11.23

What do you want to achieve?




Remember, the access philosophy for servers is different to PCs: Who ever has physical access to the hardware can do almost everything (e.g. take the disks out, disable security switches -e.g. passwordless ILO access on proliants - etc.); each server should be in a room with restricted access.



However, if you are concerned somebody could plug an USB device in - he has to have a root account an a lot of know-how to get data on it or from it  ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: Disable all USB ports in HPUX 11.23

never tried but you may try to remove all usb driver



kcmodule ehci=unused

kcmodule hid=unused

kcmodule mass_storage=unused

kcmodule ms=unused

kcmodule uhci=unused

kcmodule usbcomposite=unused

kcmodule hcd=unused

kcmodule hub=unused

kcmodule usbd=unused



never tried, and not sure it is supported and has no side effects