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Disk instance number

Regular Advisor

Disk instance number

How can I change disk instance number (persistent device files) ?
Can I do it from smh?
If I go to SMH and check the disk, I cannot change the Physical Volume, it says "Must be privileged user to perform operation"
I am logging in with root.
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Re: Disk instance number

Hi Jacky:

# man ioinit


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Re: Disk instance number

Hi Jacky Wing,

Well what you are attempting to do is rebuild a --discovery tree-- which the operating system looks through at the time of boot , technically termed as the --kernel I/O tree--.

Sometimes the way your hardware paths bind leads to corruption and you would want to force the kernel to give different instance numbers and hence rebuild the --tree--.

Once you restructure what is associated within /etc/ioconfig , you should be successful in letting the kernel pick different instance numbers for classes of devices which are discovered through the tree which is read at boot.

This is done by what the king says as ioinit. An ioinit -c . let's the kernel give different instance numbers. Don't forget to assign points.

Ismail Azad
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Re: Disk instance number


You can change the LUN instance number of persistent device files using the below command,

#scsimgr replace_wwid -D /dev/rdisk/diskX
#enter y, when prompted.

The device file also get changed after this,

Ravi s