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DL140 and Linux Agents


DL140 and Linux Agents

Does the DL140 have the standard Agents for SIM? I have only been able to find NIC Agents on the support web site. No Health Agent and no server, storage or any other agents. Are they just all on the PSP disk? I haven't looked there. I just bought 2 DL140s and would like for them to show up in SIM.

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Re: DL140 and Linux Agents

The DL100 series do not have management agents like the DL300 or DL500 series systems.

The DL100 servers can be found in HP SIM but the reporting functionallity of the DL300 and DL500 families are not present in the DL100 family. That change is part of the reason that the DL100 family has a lower price tag.