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EMC Avamar avtar command samples for HPUX?

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EMC Avamar avtar command samples for HPUX?

The documentation for EMC Avamar avtar command is very small.  Does anyone have documentation and/or SAMPLE text?


This blindly works for me.

Avamar running on windows computer at dns address of

Avamar "domain" of /hpuxgroup.

My avamar login of:  myavamarid.

My hpux 11.3 itanium box hostname is:  my_hostname.



/opt/AVMRclnt/bin/avtar --list \

--exclude=* \

--include=steverino \

--id=myavamarid@/hpuxgroup \

--ap=password \ \




This works.  But I feel that I am blindly working with stuff that can CAUSE a disaster.  The document from EMC is next to nothing.   I figured out by experimentation that the asterisk means "all".  I figured out by experimentation the location of avtar.  I do not think blindly experimenting is the way to go.  I'd rather get information instead of running blind with scissors.


Anyone have better information on the proper use of avtar from hpux?


hmmm.  how many times can I say "blindly"?









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Re: EMC Avamar avtar command samples for HPUX?

Ok.   Blind Chainsaw Juggling is the new hobbie.


From what can see, avtar has "tar" in it.  I can infer that EMC wanted to make it like the tar command.   From their documents, I see it would show up as an interactive backup from the unix client.  Since I didn't hear anything, I would suspect that most people don't use Avamar, or use it via command line. 


There are times when you want that sort of thing.   When interaction between software on unix and avamar is required.  You want to backup database files that were just made.  Were the backup files made?   You want to delete the current database backup files to make a more current backup.  But were the previous files really backed up?   Via cron, you want to restore files to a disk weekly, but you are about to shove 5 gigs into a filesystem with 0.4 gigs free.  (ouch).


From the EMC support, I found a page that tells me how to backup and restore.  It does not tell me what these really mean "--run-at-start-clauses=string" or "--flagfile=FILE" or "--cachepaxstream" or "--informationals"  .....well. You get the idea.  <edit/>  I'll just figure out the ones I need. </edit>


Let's look at "--informationals".....<edit/> I removed this rant.  It is not needed.  </edit>