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EML E Series 1200 on Red Hat

New Member

EML E Series 1200 on Red Hat

I have a question re the 1200 EML.

"Why can I not see any tape slot elements?"

I have confirmed that the library is on /dev/sg0.

I have performed a mtx inquiry and the EML Library info is returned that it is indeed a changer.

mtx status returns "illegal Element Type Code 72 reported"

I have exported $CHANGER=/dev/sg0 as did not appear to be set previously but was still returning the same error. the EML1200 is connected to RHEL AS4u5 using emulx FC driver version 2.2.22.

I have found a mention that the EML Library only reads 6 character tape labels by default and the HP labels are 8 charachters. Is this likley to be my problem?

Of not but maybe just a red fish if there is an alarm on the library saying that it is unable to communicate with the IFC (interface controller 1)