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ERRNO-F-1, Not owner

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ERRNO-F-1, Not owner

Running HP-UX 11.31.  We also use a scheduling solution (I-S-E Schedule) to run  scripts at specific times through the day.  We have a couple of these "jobs" that return a "ERRNO-F -1, Not owner" when completing.  I have checked permissions on all directories involved and they look correct.  I have run the scripts from command line and do not seem to get the error, but I-S-E tells me the error is generated by the OS and not the scheduling software.  Either way that I run the script it does what it is supposed to do, I just get this nit-picking error.  I have Googled this and still am not sure how to go about troubleshooting this.  Any guidance on what this error actually means and where to look to correct it would be appreciated.

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Re: ERRNO-F-1, Not owner

>Any guidance on what this error actually means


Well, it helps if you know what command is getting that error.  Is it chown?

You could use "tusc -fp -ea" to see what system call is getting it.