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Re: Event Hardware Monitor (EMS) log - "Details off"

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Event Hardware Monitor (EMS) log - "Details off"

For some annoying reason when the chassis ems writes a message to the text log, it doesn't include the details. I get a message like this:

Timestamp : 02/09/2011 16:49:38
A Processor Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) has failed.

Recommended Action:

From the Boot Console Handler Main Menu, execute the INfo (in) command.
This brings up the Info Menu. Now execute the PRocessor (pr) command. This
will report what processor is not functioning.

=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=- ( D E T A I L S O F F ) -=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=

How can I turn the details on? I've looked at the config files in /var/stm/config/tools/monitor and haven't noticed anything obvious. Also didn't see anything in the Online Diag Admin Guide.

If it matters I'm this is an rp5450 running 11i v2.

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Re: Event Hardware Monitor (EMS) log - "Details off"

Does this occur with every EMS event or just specific ones handled by a specific monitor?

Try running /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig and use the C command to check on the status of monitoring. You could also try adding a new monitoring request setting up a new log file to see if that has an effect.


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Re: Event Hardware Monitor (EMS) log - "Details off"

I figured it out. Had to do with the size of the file (very large, had an issue with a DIMM and a processor).

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Re: Event Hardware Monitor (EMS) log - "Details off"