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Re: Get weird error on WBEM Providers install

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Get weird error on WBEM Providers install



I have downloaded the latest WBEM providers (Sep 2011) and am trying to install them on HP-UX 11.31 but get a weird error message when using "swinstall".


ERROR:   Incompatible version of SAS-PROVIDER product. Please install
         September 2011 release or higher version of SASProvider


However I am installing the higher version (depot file below)



This message also shows for RAIDSA-PROVIDER, WBEMP-Storage and SysFaultMgmt. Am I missing something here? The install does go ahead but only seems to do part of the install.


Share and enjoy! Ian


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Re: Get weird error on WBEM Providers install

>Am I missing something here?


It seems something is contradictory.  Does it mention a check script in the output?

Perhaps if you look at that, you can figure out what it is checking?