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HBA Information...

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HBA Information...

First of all, I'm pretty new to this community, but you guys are awesome in responding to my queries. Thank you so much for that. 


Second, I want to check if some one could through some light on finding this info on HPUX, SUSE and Redhat 


1. HBA Firmware

2. Driver Check

3. HBA Driver

4. HBA Check

5. HBA Model

6. Firmware Check

7. PowerPath Version


I know, I'm asking little too much, but I will really appreciate if you can do your best in providing this info. Thank you in advance. 



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Re: HBA Information...

At least for HP-UX it depends on OS version and type of HBA (FC, SCSI,etc ...).


"vital product data" gives you most of the information, e.g.


# fcmsutil /dev/fcd0 vpd

Hope this helps!

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Re: HBA Information...

>... , SUSE and Redhat


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