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How to configure new LUNs from EVA

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How to configure new LUNs from EVA



May I know how to create new LUNs from EVA. For your information this is my first time configure LUNs.

The only information that i found is:


cvui - creates luns

    Choose storage array
    Create LUN
        Find last LUN
        Create with new lun number
    View existing luns


Hope someone can help me on this.

Appreciate your time and help.

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Re: How to configure new LUNs from EVA

Hope someone can tell me where should I start to configure the new LUNs.

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Re: How to configure new LUNs from EVA

Your question is very basic, as there is more to creating LUN's than just doing it.   THere are many items you need to consider regarding disk groups, vDisks and all of the associated properties and data protection levels.


How its done is through Command View.  So, if you dont know what Command View is or how to access it, then perhaps you need to ask yourself if you are the right person doing this job.  At any rate, here is a link to documentation for Command View:


Locate the Users Guide towards the bottom of that page.  Information regarding vDisk creation and LUN presentation is contained within this document.  Good luck!



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Re: How to configure new LUNs from EVA

>> cvui - creates luns



Yes, for command view SDM used for VA arrays


For EVA you have command view eva



Please clarify if you have an EVA or VA!

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to configure new LUNs from EVA

hi aremint

                     First Create a new vdisk form hp command view EVA and present to your host.After login into your host and give autopath discover ON --->insf -e ----> ioscan -fnC disk ----> autopath display you can get new lun with disk details.


Thanks & Regards

S.J.Vijaya Ragavan