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How to install Linux on DL120?

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How to install Linux on DL120?

Hello everybody,

I'm quite new in the world of HP servers and just got one (DL120) with HP Integrated Lights-Out.

I'm familiar with Linux and understood that I can install either Suse or Red Hat. May you give me some hints how to do that?

Should I use the Lights-Out console (it's a maze in my eyes now) or something else? Also, is it possible to do that remotely?

Thanks in advance for any further help! :)
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Re: How to install Linux on DL120?

I usually install using a direc attached monitor, mouse and keyboard, because in Red Hat, LVM configuration cannot be done during installation in text mode (at least in the easy way).

After installation, I configure the server to use ILO as the console.

The problem is that ILO, will not provide graphical screen unless you have a license.
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Re: How to install Linux on DL120?


No difference really.

Connect to the ilo in graphics mode. This requires a license.

Physically put your media in the DVD drive.

Then boot the system with ilo controls, open the remote console and do the install like you would do if you were there.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation