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How to reset the MP password on rx2800 :-(


How to reset the MP password on rx2800 :-(

I configured 3 servers with [in theory] conventions for login and passwords.  Now, 5 months later, I can get into 2 of the 3 just fine.  The third one I can't.  I have tried for 2 days to guess what typos I could have made but nothing gets me in.


OS version is 11.31.  Server is a rx2800 i2.

I can ssh into the server with no problem.  It's getting into the MP I'm having trouble with.


Sooo, I guess I need to do a master password reset for the MP. 


Any ideas?

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Re: How to reset the MP password on rx2800 :-(

Locate the iLO3 Physical Presence button at the rear of the system. 


"The iLO 3 physical presence pinhole button is located behind the sheet metal grill
and the circular punch-out in the rear panel. "


Press and hold this button for more than 8 seconds, but less than 12 seconds (sheesh).  For the next 15 minutes you can then access the iLO without being challenged for a password.


This is all according the manual, and I dont have this model, so I cannot confirm it for you.



From the User's Service Guide:


• A momentary press of the button resets iLO, clears any security override or TPM physical
presence mode that were initiated by this button, and returns the serial port to iLO mode.

• A greater than 4-second and less than 8-second press of the button places the system in
physical presence mode for up to 15 minutes.

• A greater than 8-second and less than 12-second press of this button places iLO into
security override mode for up to 15 minutes. Security override mode enables you to enter
iLO without being challenged for a password enabling you to set up users.


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Re: How to reset the MP password on rx2800 :-(

Thank you Bob. I will file this away for futures :-) I finally was able to "guess" what userid I had entered previously. I used iLO on this server previously and (seemed like a good idea at the time ;-) changed the user ID!
Again, thank you very much for your very complete response..Lee