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how to take ignite backup for RHEL5.4

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how to take ignite backup for RHEL5.4

how to take ignite backup for RHEL5.4  and  restore procedure.



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Re: how to take ignite backup for RHEL5.4

Ignite-UX is a HP-UX only product.


Please see for a free Linux software with similar functionality to Ignite-UX.

It can backup your system onto a set of CDs/DVDs, or as a set of CD/DVD images on a network server.


To restore, insert the first CD/DVD of a backup set and boot the system from it. If you have made a backup to a network server, you can either burn the image files stored on the server to real CDs/DVDs, or create a Mondo network boot disc and restore over the network, or configure a PXE netboot server to allow you to boot your system to Mondo for restore over the network.


You can also use a tape drive for backups, but be aware that x86 systems usually need special arrangements to boot from a tape (e.g. a special tape drive that can emulate a CD-ROM drive). If your tape drive cannot be used to boot a x86 system directly, you may have to create a CD/DVD boot media that can be used to start Mondo and then restore the system from tape (similar to the Two-Step Recovery procedure for the earliest HP-UX Itanium servers).