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HP 380G6 RAID not recognised

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HP 380G6 RAID not recognised

Trying to add a new HDD into an existing array by extending it etc.

When I enter Array configuration from the boot menu it recognizes everything but I cannot extend/expand from there.

When I boot using SmartStart and run the ACU it does not recognize any RAID Array Controller on the system so I cannot do anything.

It is a HP Smart Array P410i.
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Re: HP 380G6 RAID not recognised


Boot the smart start cd and run hardware tests. Lets see if the raid controller is healthy.

If there is a bios update available on that cd, install it.

Does the drive you installed light up properly? One reason the tool might not work is the drive is not recognized by the system.

This could be a defective card, you would want to do a hardware call to take care of that, or have HP ship you a new card.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: HP 380G6 RAID not recognised

It is detected from the CLI so maybe its jut my SmartStart disk to get into ACU - any idea what version of SmartStart should be using as I've read other issues with this server but people using 8.30 but my server came with 8.15 - wondering if its too old and thus does not recognise controller?