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HP-UX 11 v3 - How to unpresent an XP24K disk

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HP-UX 11 v3 - How to unpresent an XP24K disk

Hi gurus,

I need to know if there is a way to unpresent a disk from the XP from an Itanium with HP-UX 11v3 and reallocate the special file to another LUN.

This is what happened:

I had to remove a LUN from an XP,  and I did it but we had on the server the NO-HW error related to the special file associated to the LUN.

So I run the rmsf (this is what I usually do on the HP-UX 11v1), and it went OK but as I created another LUN and presented to the server on the same control position of the previous one.

The special file wasn't instantiated and then I discovered that in this version of HP-UX the special file is bound to the wwn id of the LUN.

As it was expecting another wwn (the one of the LUN I deleted) it was not able to attach to the new LUN.

I rebooted the server and everything went fine, but isn't there a way to make reallocation of the special file from a LUN to another on the same controller position without rebooting the server?




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Re: HP-UX 11 v3 - How to unpresent an XP24K disk

You need to use scsimgr command with replace_wwid option, see the "SCSI Management and Diagnostics utility on HP-UX 11i v3" document for details! (page 29)

Hope this helps!

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