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HP UX routing issue

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HP UX routing issue

Hi All,

I am facing some problem in my HPUX box.

There are two nic in my rp3400 server and it was working with only one nic(lan0) withIP address and the gateway(default) till today.

Due to some specific requirement from the end user side required to be activated the second nic with different IP range.

This NIC is configured with with gateway

All these subnet's are VLAN's in the same core switch.

Now my problem is am able to telnet these server from the 172.16.100.* network and 10.17.4.* network. But if am trying to telnet the server from my client VLAN(172.16.39.* /27) the connectivity is causing issue. Some time am able to telent to the 172. series of the server IP and not to and viseverssa for some other time.Briefly In a specific time am able to telent to either one of the nic ip address of the server.

Please help me to resolve the issue. Due to this clients are disconnecting from the application when these transition is happening.

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Re: HP UX routing issue

if you have a routing issue, it might help if you provided some networking information from this server. Please provide output (screen capture logs) for these commands :

netstat -in
netstat -rn
ifconfig lan0
ifconfig lan1
...(for each NIC)
ifconfig lanX
cat /etc/rc.config.d/netconf

These should make a good starting point
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
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Re: HP UX routing issue

Hi, I'm with Mel on this one.

It sounds as though a static route may be required as the data is coming in from one netwrk but is then not able to find the route back.

Publishing the info requested will shed some light on this.

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Re: HP UX routing issue

Hi All,

Thanks for the reply...

Please find the deatisl as follows.

#netstat -in
Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Coll
lan0 1500 35706733 0 35132813 0 0
lo0 4136 578520 0 578520 0 0

#netstat -rn

Routing tables
Destination Gateway Flags Refs Interface Pmtu UH 0 lo0 4136 UH 0 lan0 4136 U 2 lan0 1500 U 0 lo0 0
default UG 0 lan0 0 UG 0 lan1

# lanscan

Hardware Station Crd Hdw Net-Interface NM MAC HP-DLPI DLPI
Path Address In# State NamePPA ID Type Support Mjr#
0/1/2/0 0x00306E4B3345 0 UP lan0 snap0 1 ETHER Yes 119
0/4/1/0 0x00306EF43E44 1 UP lan1 snap1 2 ETHER Yes 119

# ifconfig lan0

lan0: flags=1843
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

#ifconfig lan1
lan1: flags=1843
inet netmask ffffffe0 broadcast

Note:- I didint add the static route in netconf file. i add it msnuslly for the clients network for testing by using the below command.

# route add net netmask 1



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Re: HP UX routing issue

A small mistake in my initial query.

Clent network is 10.17.39.*/25.

Please correct it while reading...