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Installed HPUX 10.2 but cannot log in

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Installed HPUX 10.2 but cannot log in

I successfully (best I can tell - it said the install was successful at the end of the process) installed HP-UX 10.2 on the empty (new) 4.2 GB internal drive of an HP9000 K370. The install process asked me to name the machine. I named it HP9000. It asked me to create a password, which I did. Then it completed the install. Now it is asking me for a 'Console login:' name and password. I've tried 'HP9000', 'root', and 'admin' - none of which work with my password I created on install. Is there a default password the system is expecting? In the future (after this problem is solved)  when logging in as 'root', is the password I created the one the system will expect? 


The system boots successfully to the internal drive.


If I do a 'hard reset' on the console terminal, it comes back with





then it will cycle alternately with 'suspending Desktop Login...' and 'Resuming Desktop Login...' on the console.


Then it says


GenericSysName [HP Release B.10.20] (see /etc/issue)


and then "The X-server cannot be started on display HP9000:0...g out."


(There is a workstation graphics board installed in this machine, but I do not see anything displayed on the workstation display screen.)


During all this, the system has been powered up with the key switch in the 'RUN' position.


Is there a default login name for a fresh OS install on this machine? Is it asking me for the password I created when the OS was installed? If not, then what name and password does it need to successfully log in?


How do I get past this login screen on my console?





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Re: Installed HPUX 10.2 but cannot log in


   There is no default password.  The root password is setup either at the beginning, during the installation process or after installation during a setup "wizard" of sorts (such as where you entered your hostname).


If the password entered was forgotten or otherwise fumbled up you can recover it by booting into what is known as single-user mode.  Unfortunately it sounds like you will need to hard reset the system to do this...


 - Cycle the power key to reset the server.

 - monitor the console and interrupt the boot process when prompted (its a 10 second window).

 - Use the command "BO" to boot from what is your primary disk - should be your disk drive) and answer Y to the question "interact with IPL?"

 - Now you should be at an ISL> prompt.   Boot HPUX as follows:

   ISL> hpux -is


The OS should boot from the disk and get you to a root user prompt (#).  From here you can reset your password by doing the following:


# passwd root

   (enter new password as prompted)


# reboot


Let the system reset and boot up on its own and you should be able to login using the root account with the password you just provided.




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Re: Installed HPUX 10.2 but cannot log in

Thanks, Bob!

That is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for responding!