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IRMD: No Internal RAID adapters found, exiting


IRMD: No Internal RAID adapters found, exiting

I'm not sure if this is in the correct category but hopefully someone can help or point me in the right direction.

Overview: We had a power outage, batteries drained and the UPS shut power off to the system - this was NOT a nice shut-down.

* HP Disk System 2300
* HP rp2470 (HP-UX insert B.11.11 U 9000/800)

What is happening is...

If we have the disk system attached to the server via the 4si card, we get the message IRMD: No Internal RAID adapters found, exiting. An ioscan shows the card present however it does not see any disks or the disk system.

i2o 0 0/6/2/1 iop_drv CLAIMED INTERFACE IOP

If the disk system is attached and turned off or not attached at all via the SCSI cable, everything looks good.

i2o 0 0/6/2/1 iop_drv CLAIMED INTERFACE IOP
ext_bus 5 0/6/2/1.0 bs_osm CLAIMED INTERFACE I2O Block Storage
target 8 0/6/2/1.0.0 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
disk 2 0/6/2/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE I2O RAID5
disk 3 0/6/2/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE I2O RAID5
target 9 0/6/2/1.0.7 tgt CLAIMED DEVICE
ctl 5 0/6/2/ sctl CLAIMED DEVICE Initiator

A company we use for support has replaced the following, 4si card, IO cage that 4si card goes into, Disk System Chassis, BCC card for disk system, SCSI cable, Terminator, and even the system board (re-using our original memory and CPU's)

We have even installed 4 new disks into the disk system (as if we were doing a new configuration) and changing which channel on the 4si card it connects to. We get the same results.

The only thing that allowed us to get the system to boot with the disk system attached was installing the original disks one pair at a time until we came across a possible "bad disk" which then gave the error "No internal RAID adapters found" We removed a total of 2 disks from our 8 disk array. At that point we could do an irdiag and see disks however they were not showing correctly (not in order) (I do understand the ID vs. position difference) but it would show disks as "RDY" when there was no disk installed in that slot.

We spent 21 hours straight trying to get something to work correctly with no success. My question is, what next? Is there some kind of config file that could have gotten corrupted?

Any help is appreciated!