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LaserJet 600 M603 does not send end of job back to HP-UX queue

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LaserJet 600 M603 does not send end of job back to HP-UX queue

We are trying to enable a LaserJet 600 M603 printer on our HP-UX 11iv3 server.  The server is using hppi 10.34 version to setup queue.  We are using the latest net_ljM603 modelscript and the latest firmware on printer version 2300331_377983.


We use the following command on HP-UX

lp -dCOMM_L2 test_print_file


lpstat -t gives us

printer COMM_L2 now printing COMM_L2-2032.  enabled since Dec 27 06:45
        fence priority : 0
COMM_L2-2032        root           priority 0  Dec 27 07:58 on COMM_L2
        test_print_file                          321 bytes


This never goes away until we do a cancel on HP-UX (also Windows users print job do not print until we do the HP-UX cancel)

cancel COMM_L2-2032


The printer log file has the following

Dec 27 07:58:45%%[ status:  Job: COMM_L2-2032; User: root ]%%
Dec 27 07:58:45%%[ status:  making connection to; source: ethernet ]%%
Dec 27 07:58:45%%[ status:  connected to; source: ethernet ]%%
Dec 27 07:58:45%%[ status:  transmitting data ]%%
Dec 27 07:58:45%%[ status:  finish sending print data ]%%
Dec 27 07:58:57%%[ status:  printed 1 pages ]%%


Do not see the end of job message in log file.


Here is the HP-UX queue info

  Options:                          Current Settings:
  --------                          -----------------
  1) Default Queue                      [NO]
  2) Status Log                         [/opt/hpnpl/tmp/COMM_L2.log]
  3) Network Address                    []
  4) Additional printer changes . . .

  Modelscript used for this queue is net_ljM603

    Options:                          Current Settings:
    --------                          -----------------
   1) Job Recovery                         [ON]
   2) True End-of-Job                      [ON]
   3) Banner Page                          [OFF]
   4) Default Printing Language            [AUTO]
   5) PostScript Level                     [Level 3]
   6) Banner Tray                          [2]
   7) Banner Paper Size                    [default]
   8) Duplex print                         [default]


I can ping the printer, telnet to the printer and run tests successfully.


Is there something I have configured wrong to make the printer say it finished the job?



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Re: LaserJet 600 M603 does not send end of job back to HP-UX queue

The code in hpnpl has never been fixed to properly handle JetDirect printing. The way to add JetDirect printers is to use addqueue and turn off all the end-of-job options as they just don't work.


Something like this:


addqueue -q prn123 -h 12.34.56 -r off -e off -b off

for existing printers:

modifyqueue -q prn456 -r off -e off -b off



-q the queue name in HP-UX for this printer

-h IP address or hostname of the printer

-r off = disable job recovery (it doesn't work)

-t off = disable the true end-of-job feature (it doesn't work)

-b off = disable the banner page in front of the print job


(You can use SAM or hppi to set/change the options but they are clumsy compared to addqueue/modifyqueue)


True end of job is a part of the PJL protocol to signal the computer that the last page has been printed and is now in the tray. Modern printers will accept the print data far faster than the paper can be printed, and there are a few circumstances this information can be useful. The hppi code doesn't work properly with the option.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin