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Linux (O/S Level Backup) on DL380 G5

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Linux (O/S Level Backup) on DL380 G5


I have DL380 G5 Server with 2x146GB Hard drives with Raid 1. Linux 4.4 is installed on it.

Now i want to take backup the Linux Operating System, so in case of disaster, i can fully restore linux operating system.

My plan is to use another 146GB HDD, mount it, and take backup on it, and then unmount it and remove it from server.

Anyone help me in this regard, i will be very thankful.
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Re: Linux (O/S Level Backup) on DL380 G5

You can use software like mondo rescue or clonezilla.

Even with hot swap disks, is not good idea to keep introducing and removing them. Use an USB disk instead for backups.
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Re: Linux (O/S Level Backup) on DL380 G5

I have been working with mkCDrec cloning a DL580 G5 server running SuSE Linux 10. This may give you what you want especially if you are going to be restoring to the same or very similar hardware. You can find more information at or downloads from