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Log for down time

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Log for down time


I have a DL380G5 server and OS is RHEL5. I have founded that server is down then I started the server again now server is up and running smoothly.

I need to know when the server was down. Which log I have to check for shutdown time.



Alamgir Khan



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Re: Log for down time

If the server was down because someone had shut it down using the proper procedure, you would find a message in /var/log messages, like this:

[root@rhel57 ~]# grep shutdown /var/log/messages
Oct  8 15:28:24 rhel55 shutdown[11079]: shutting down for system halt
Oct  9 23:09:23 rhel55 shutdown[4446]: shutting down for system halt
Oct  9 23:41:50 rhel55 shutdown[2291]: shutting down for system reboot
Oct  9 23:44:44 rhel57 shutdown[2321]: shutting down for system halt

 (this is from a RHEL 5.7 Virtual Machine I use for testing various things)


If a day or more has passed after the restart, the /var/log/messages might have already been rotated, so you should also check the older versions of the log, i.e. /var/log/messages.*.


But if the shutdown was caused by the server overheating, or loss of power, or some other hardware failure, you would need the hardware log (IML = Integrated Management Log, if I recall correctly). If you have the hp-health package (part of the PSP = Proliant Support Pack) installed, there are several tools for viewing the hardware log: "hpimlview", "hplog -v" and the "show iml" subcommand of "hpasmcli".