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LV shows inactive

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LV shows inactive

Hi All,

I have one iscsi hp storage and I have mounted the same in one hp dl360 machine(RHEL version is 5.3).
I have configured the iscsi partition using LVM.

But currently that server is down due to hardware problems.
So I have mounted the iscsi storage in a diffrent hp dl360 machine where RHEL4.7 installed.

I am able to see the PV, VG, and also LV, but it shows inactive when I do lvdisplay.

When checked with system-config-lvm tool, I have found that filesystem is none.

My doubt is If I select filesystem as ext3 and then press OK, will all my data lost?
If it formats again then I will lose my data inside the PV.

I have only one partiotion, one PV , one VG , one LV.

Please help me how can I activate this LV without loosing any data from the same.
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Re: LV shows inactive

If the VG is inactive, you should activate the VG with "vgchange -a y " first. If this produces an error message, what is the error?

If the VG is inactive, then system-config-lvm will be unable to identify the filesystem and will display it as "none". Activate the VG first, then check it again.