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Mapping Hotkeys

New Member

Mapping Hotkeys

Hey everyone,

Just signed up after having some trouble with my new HP Keyboard 5187 (it's a little outdated probably, but I like the looks of it).

Anyway, after a forum search I couldn't find any solutions to my problem so alas, here I am. For some reason, after hooking the keyboard up the hotkeys fail to work. The volume controls and sleep keys respond, but my internet, search, hp club, info, e-mail, and drive ejection keys do nothing.

I went to the control panel and attempted to map them up, but they still don't respond. I searched for updated drivers, unstinstalled the current ones, and still nothing.

So, if anyone has any ideas for me to try or a fix for the problem, please give me a heads up! Thanks.

(Here's a picture of the keyboard if you aren't familiar with which one I'm talking about)
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Re: Mapping Hotkeys

Well, I'm afraid I can't help with the hotkeys, but if someone finds this thread and wants to remap regular keys - like switch the CAPS key and CTRL key, or make them BOTH into CTRL keyes, etc, you can go on the web and download XKEYCAPS by JWZ.

One word of warning, which Jamie give you: you had better have another way to log into the machine (network or tty) because if you mess up the mapping to the keyboard you might render it useless until you reboot or fix the mapping.

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