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Mondo backup restore

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Mondo backup restore

Hi, Friends good morning.

I have a HP bl460 blade server i have installed Mondo package(mondo-
i have taken the OS image backup by using
mondoarchive command it had created 2 ISO images and now i am trying to restore the same ISO image on new HP bl460 balde server. After booting forn the 1st ISO image it gives the error as (Invalid or corrupt kernel image.)
is the same command mondoarchive to take full OS image or am i wrong some where. Please some one tell me the proper steps for mondo OS image backup and restore.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Mondo backup restore

take a look here

best support is to browse this mail archive or sign up and post a question.

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Re: Mondo backup restore

did you select the option to check images during backup creation on mondo?

there is an option to check the ISO created after the backup is complete...

did you? if so what were the results?

di you have any errors when the images where created?

do you know if your hardware is supported?

once I run this mondo on some IBM Blades and later I found out - the hard way - those were not suported...

I hope what you did is a test I mean you are testing mondo bakcup and restore capabilities

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!