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moving from PA to IA

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moving from PA to IA

HP-UX 11.23
Changing hardware from PA to IA.

With the built in emulation on the IA platform, if I understand this right I should be able to
run all of my application software just as if I am using another PA system?

Then I can reinstall IA-specific application software over time to get a performance improvement.

The system involved is running Oracle 8, 10 and 11. (I realize that Oracle 8 is not available in an IA-native distribution.)

The systems have an external disk array with Oracle installed on the array. I'm thinking I can just plug in the array, mount the array logical volumes and go.

Is this correct?
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Re: moving from PA to IA


> Then I can reinstall IA-specific application software over time to get a performance improvement.


In your case, anything that would involve heavy computation that you are going to run on an IA now would perform reasonably slower.

Note :-

"APIs and language features are supported on both PARISC and itanium but this binary compatibility does not apply to kernel intrusive applications or applications that rely on proprietary data structures inside HPUX".

Ismail Azad

Read, read and read... Then read again until you read "between the lines".....
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Re: moving from PA to IA


If there are IA versions of application software, you should migrate, install, test and validate.

IF there is no alternative than to run PA software you can:

1) Just run it on a normal IA system and let the AIRES emulator take care of it.
2) Use HP-9000 containers, a virtual like environment for 11.31 and free that provides some better management options for this.

Running the emulator can cause performance issues, and you may need more cpu's than expected to maintain performance.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: moving from PA to IA

We migrated from PA to IA.
The performance issues are quite noticable but the programs all ran as expected and produced exact results. Recompiling increased the speed by a factor or 4-5.
Move to the IA versions of your applications as soon as possible. If you have in-house application libraries, create a library for IA and one for PA. Keep a PA server around for recompiles.

Good Luck on your migration.