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msa1000 and msa30

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msa1000 and msa30

I have a pr3440 with a msa1000 and a msa30. I would like to add more disks to both. What utility do I run? I am on HPUX 11.11


Re: msa1000 and msa30



If you have spare drives in both MSAs , use LVM/VXVM for configuring disks in HPUX system.


If you have no disks add disks in MSAs and follow the volume manager to perform the acitivity.





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Re: msa1000 and msa30

The MSA30 seems to be a "dumb" box of disks, with a fixed SCSI ID allocation scheme. If the MSA30 is connected to the integrated SCSI controller of the rp3440, the added disks should become visible when you run:

ioscan -fnCdisk


But if the MSA30 is plugged into an optional SmartArray hardware RAID controller, you'll need the saconfig or sautil commands to configure the new physical disks into logical disks of desired RAID level. After configuring the controller, use the ioscan & insf commands (as above) to make the new logical disks visible.


On the other hand, the MSA1000 has a built-in RAID controller and either a SCSI or FibreChannel connection module. To configure the built-in RAID controller, you will have to connect a terminal (or a laptop with a HyperTerminal or similar terminal emulator software) to the MSA1000 using a serial cable.


Once you've configured the controller to present the new disks as LUNs with desired size and RAID level, you can use the ioscan & insf commands (as with MSA30 above) to make the new LUNs visible to the HP-UX.