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NETAPP - How to remove the unmapped LUNs from HPUX?

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NETAPP - How to remove the unmapped LUNs from HPUX?

Hi, Storage team has mapped some LUNS to HPUX box and was visible. They have then unmapped the LUNs and assigned another set of LUNs. Now I can see unmapped LUNs are showing NO_HW in ioscan output.

We have used rmsf -H [hardware_path] command to remove those entries from ioscan. Now it is not visible in ioscan output. But the 'sanlun lun show -p' command shows older LUNs also. How to remove them?


-------- ---------- -------------------- ------ ---------- ----------
host     controller                             primary    partner
path     path                   /dev/dsk host   controller controller
state    type                   filename HBA    port       port
-------- ---------- -------------------- ------ ---------- ----------
DOWN               1/0/14/1/0.0x500a09819d457d0b.0x400f000000000000

DOWN               1/0/12/1/0.0x500a09829d457d0b.0x400f000000000000

up       secondary 1/0/12/1/0.0x500a09829d457d0b.0x406f000000000000
                                        td0               0d
up       secondary 1/0/14/1/0.0x500a09819d457d0b.0x406f000000000000
                                        td1               0c


As shown above, two paths are visible now and two paths are unmapped. How to remove the unmapped paths?