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nfs export on 11.31 Itanium

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nfs export on 11.31 Itanium

I have a quick question....

I am exporting a filesystem from 11.31 to a 11.11 server. The mount goes ok, but all I can do is read from the mounted filesystem. I get the error message that the filesystem is read only. Where do I change this so that I have read/write permissions on this mount point. I see that there is not exports file, and I looked in the dfstab and there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: nfs export on 11.31 Itanium


with 11.31, nfs changed quite abit.

you are right there is no exportfs file version 3 uses /etc/dfs/dfstab file for shares.

to share a file either manually edit this file so it mount automatically at boot time, or just do it on teh commandline with the share command

man share will give you exapmples

just typing share on the 11.31 system will show you what you have shared and with what permisions.

you will need to add options with the -o option with the share command to add the users and options for read/write, etc.

something like this

#share -o root=rw /exported_file

this will give root read/write permissions to /exported_file.

once you have done the share command or modified the /etc/dfs/dfstab file run the shareall command