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P4300 G2 2 node cluster Redhat 5 MPIO

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P4300 G2 2 node cluster Redhat 5 MPIO

I have read, I Believe every post on these boards and attempted to get information from

our sales/support channel on this question with little success

Does the P4300 G2 support device Multi-path under Redhat Linux?  In some places it suggests it only

supports it if you have Qlogic HBA's.  In other places i says it supports it, but doesn't offer any documentation

on how to do it except a generic reference to Redhat MPIO documentation.  SInce the cluster is defined with a single VIP address how do you get this to work?

Is this even supported by HP Support?  Some notes say it isn't, but it works.  Other notes say

it isn't and it doesn't work

I want to be able to configure for redundancy failures of switches, nodes, and NIC's

The issues appears to be because of the single VIP address

In order to fully evaluate the P4300 usability in my environment I need this question answered

Any thoughts, suggestions

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Re: P4300 G2 2 node cluster Redhat 5 MPIO


I think you need to file a support case with the response center. This is based on your contradictory findings with your own research.

You are referring to the Raid card?

Most HP raid cards present their mirrors which are not visible to the OS. A raid 1 boot disk would be seen as one disk.

There are psp utilities that let you see the disk.

Are we talking about a G2 server? What model. In the rack mount world G2 is pretty out of date. Why go for all that high availability and older hardware?

Steven E Protter
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Re: P4300 G2 2 node cluster Redhat 5 MPIO

I am in trial Situation with a brand new 7.2T P4300 G2 Starter SAN 2 node cluster so have limited availability to

file a support case.  I am trying to determine if I can even make this setup work If I purchase it.  I have to work

through pre-sales support and they have been very slow at responding.


The servers that have been proposed so far by HP are a pair of

DL360G7's with 64Gig Memory and appropriate NIC's etc

along with appropriate switches etc to make it all work