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Recommend IDE Hot-Swapping Techniques (Linux)

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Recommend IDE Hot-Swapping Techniques (Linux)

We have a DL-585 G2 (RHEL4) with a IDE hot-swap DVD-RW (/dev/hda). Is it possible to "rescan" IDE bus to detect a new DVD-RW (/dev/hdb, for example)? Or I'll need to create devices manually?
Other information:
ide-cdrom module is built-in;
I tried "hdparm -U /dev/hda" to unregister the device, and It didn't work;
I don't want to reboot! :)
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Re: Recommend IDE Hot-Swapping Techniques (Linux)


I think reboot is the only option here.

I order machines like this frequently and am not aware of a hot swap capability for dvd versus cd-rom. The hardware really doesn't support it, therefore the OS is going to have a problem with it.

Correct me with a document if I'm wrong.

You can go ahead and create devices on the command line but I'm not even sure that will work.

It would probably be simipler to get one of those IDE connected drives and let that be the second drive, especially if the intention is to do this change a lot.

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Re: Recommend IDE Hot-Swapping Techniques (Linux)

try kudzu.
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