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Redhat 5 crashes after fsck

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Redhat 5 crashes after fsck

Hi Gurus,


I have a client with Redhat 5. The server, a BL860c has LUNs presented to it from an MSA2312fc storage box and the FC cables connect directly to the c7000 enclosure.

The server kept popping I/O errors and the last ones I saw were:

1. end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 313737222
2. Buffer I/O error on device sda6, logical block 3539964


I unmounted  /dev/sda6 and ran fsck on it responding to the affirmative when the system asked whether I wanted to cerrect the errors it found. The OS crashed after that and I already knew that the server needed new internal drives since the old ones were messed up. HP support had recommended this as well.

Today the DBA says that he cannot find some Oracle files. My question is, isn't  /dev/sda6 a root drive, meaning the two internal drives or can it also be a LUN from the storage?