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RHEL GFS and Cluster suite

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RHEL GFS and Cluster suite

Dear All

i will work on RHEL cluster for my first time so i need some clarifications
1- i have two HP DL580 servers
2- i have RHEL AS 4.6 OS
what i need
1-how to install the cluster suite and GFS on the server that when i use up2date for the channel he give me that there is no channels
2- i want to know is it needed to configure quorum devices and if how to do this
3-how to work on GFS to configure my shared storage partitions.

kindly advice and apreciate any help
Fadia Almarei
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Re: RHEL GFS and Cluster suite

All information you need is available at:
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Re: RHEL GFS and Cluster suite


Red Hat 4.6 has a full cluster suite, it has to be licensed, though red hat calls it support.

You can also use Centos and get it all for free without support.

To install you download the rpms and install them all at the same time. rpm -ivh *.rpm

You can use the yum groupinstall clustering command if you go the CentOS route.

GFS is designed to permit simultaneous write access from more than one machine to the same file. You need to make sure any applications like databases are configured to handle that.

Regular Oracle server will either not permit this kind of access or corrupt your data.

Oracle RAC is certified in this environment.

Steven E Protter
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Re: RHEL GFS and Cluster suite

if you just need the cluster VG for fail over and not for accessing(mounted) the data from multiple nodes at the same time then you can avoid GFS. You can just fail over the cluster service(including the FS from cluster aware VG ) to alternate node. That is what we use but with RNEL 5.1 and not much satisfied though...
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Re: RHEL GFS and Cluster suite

here are some docs about your queries
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