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RHN Satellite server setup

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RHN Satellite server setup



I am new to this satellite server setup. I am trying to test this up in the test lab. Could someone share their experiences please?

I have a 60 day evaluation copy of the satellite server.







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Re: RHN Satellite server setup

I'll have to go back into the wayback machine, I've got a small Satellite server running here, but set up almost 18 months ago.


After contracting with RH services, I completely changed direction on provisioning out of Satellite.  We now do that through the integrated cobbler/kickstart service underneath, and register as part of the kickstart process.  Kickstart also performs a lot of other services including unattended Proliant Support Pack installation, and Data Protector client installation.  While it's possible to provision directly within Satellite, there are some serious lack of capabilities that use of cobbler gives back.


Channels are your friends, especially when it comes to RPM revision control.  Channels make it a lot easier to maintain track of which machines need to be updated, as well as an easy update procedure.