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Sam kernel build, reboot hung

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Sam kernel build, reboot hung

Made a change to nproc and related param's on rp7410 hpux 11.11. Tested changes on backup server with no issues. Following from SAM log:

* Succeeded in Scheduling move of new kernel into place.
* About to move /stand/build/system.SAM to /stand/system, /stand/vmunix to
/stand/vmunix.prev, and the new kernel to /stand/vmunix
----- Cleaning up session and lock files
* Executing the following command:
( trap "" 27 28; /usr/sbin/sync; cd /; /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -r 0 \
>/dev/console 2>/dev/null )

Created /stand/system.prev but did not create /stand/vmunix.prev. Also SAM appeared to just freeze. Now i have a hung shutdow process:

root 23487 1 0 17:19:39 ? 0:00 /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -r 0

Can i safely kill -9 the shutdown process?


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