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Samba configuration issue

Valued Contributor

Samba configuration issue

Hello Gurus,


I need to setup a samba server in My Linux 5.4 box.

Installed linux and modified the smb.conf as below  for mentioning the  NT domain.

root @server1:~#  more /etc/samba/smb.conf


        workgroup =
        server string = Samba Server Version %v

;       netbios name = server1

after that restarted samba via /etc/init.d/smb start

then tried to join the NT domain as

but getting the below errors

root @server1:~# net join
cannot join as standalone machine
root @server1:~#

Could you please guide me where I went wrong?


Thank you



Honored Contributor

Re: Samba configuration issue

If you're planning to join a domain, you need to modify the "security" setting too. The default is security = user, which is similar to the default workgroup-only mode of Windows 98 etc.


If you are joining into a Windows NT domain (or a Windows 2000 or newer domain that allows pre-Active Directory domain members), you'll need security = domain.


If you are joining into an Active Directory domain using the native AD protocols, the required setting will be security = ads.


The "security" setting is one of the most important settings in a Samba server: you should read its description in the smb.conf man page: use the command "man smb.conf" to read it.


Note: if your domain controllers are Windows Server 2008 R2's, the default Samba server package of RHEL 5.4 will not support the newer security protocols required. You'll need a newer version of Samba: fortunately, RHEL 5.4 and later have a set of alternative Samba packages, named with the "samba3x" prefix.


If you're planning to join an AD domain in native mode (i.e. security=ads), you'll have to edit the /etc/krb5.conf file too. The necessary changes will require great attention to details: see the Samba documentation at for instructions.