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SAR report and OVPA report

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SAR report and OVPA report

Will there be any difference in SAR report and OVPA report.



I am using sar -d  to take Disk utilization report.


When I extract the same disk utilization report using ovpa will there be any difference ?


---------> I guess more or less both report will be same.



sar takes old report from /var/adm/sa


ovpa takes report from (/var/opt/perf/datafiles/logglob)


IS my understanding correct ???






Re: SAR report and OVPA report

Any graphs you create from the data would be broadly the same, but you can expect to see some differences in the actual data. This is because sar samples data at the point in time of measurement, whereas the kernel measurement interface that ovpa uses samples data cross the measurement period. Generally ovpa is more granular and more accurate, but usually sar is sufficient for all but the most detailed performance analysis.

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