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SATA raid1 failed on linux

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SATA raid1 failed on linux

we install 2 hdd SATA 80 GB with hp 6 port sata raid controller
and we create array as raid1 on BIOS
we install win2003 everthing ok
to test Raid1 we remove second HDD
and windows runing ok and we can write files to volumes without problems.

** we also install redhat AS 3.0 with driver for sata Raid and every thing ok
but the problem when fail the second HDD to test raid1 ;read only message appear when we try to change any file or folder
also this happend with CENTOS linux.

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Re: SATA raid1 failed on linux


Red Hat 4 updates 1 2 and 3 all had a bug that failed to install PRB/MBR on both disks. The parellel releases of Centos also had this bug.

Here is the fix.

1. boot redhat cd 1
2. enter "linux rescue" at isolinux prompt
3. no networking, mount drives
4. at shell prompt, type "grub"
5. find /grub/stage1
6. root (hd0,0)
7. setup (hd0)
8. root (hd1,0)
9. root (hd1)
10. klingon deathgrip

Thanks to Daniel Vaisrub, future RHCE who actually found this procedure for me when I needed it.

Steven E Protter
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Re: SATA raid1 failed on linux

I think that the problem is that when the second disk of the RAID fails, the file system becomes read only.

ext3 switches to read-only automatically if it encounters too many write errors. Probably the driver is not working as should.

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