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SMH - Add functional area


SMH - Add functional area

When using the restricted access functionality in SMH, i can give a certain user / group access to one of the functional areas defined in SMH. 


Now however, I a certain user to have access to one of the functional areas, and be able to execute one certain command. Is it possible to add a fuctional area to the ones already defined in SMH? In the documentation i found the following sentence: "You can also add more applications to SMH and set them up for restricted access." ( 2.11.2) 


Other question could be if it is possible using the restricted smh builder, to give a user rights to only delete user, but not to create users?


If this is not possible, I will use sudo to accomplish the same. 


a - Auditing and Security
c - Auditing and Security Attributes Configuration(new)
d - Peripheral Devices
e - Resource Management
f - Disks and File Systems
g - Display
k - Kernel Configuration
l - Printers and Plotters(new)
m - Event Monitoring Service
n - Networking and Communications
o - View samlOg
p - Printers and Plotters
s - Software Management
u - Accounts for Users and Groups